My Trip to Austin Part 2

Photos By: Carly Stevens
Outfit Details:
CottonOn Tank Top
Urban Outfitters Sweater (similar here)
H&M Trouser Shorts
Old Navy Textured Short-Zip Boots

My last day in Austin was very laid back. My friend Carly and I got up early to have coffee at Mozart’s, a cafe located next to Lady Bird Lake. Afterwards, we went to explore the Baylor Street Art Wall, a public space where artists can come and paint. Every picture I had seen of Austin depicted a very colorful city, and I wanted to have the opportunity to see as much public art as possible. I have to say that the Baylor Street Art Wall was the perfect place for me to do just that.

When I looked at pictures of the Baylor Street Art Wall online, I had imagined that there would be steps or some sort of path leading up to the different levels of the wall. Unfortunately, when we got there, Carly and I realized that we had to do some serious hiking to get to any other part of the wall that wasn’t at floor level.

Looking back, I definitely have to say that I wore the wrong shoes for hiking. But, I’m sure that I would have found the climb just as challenging regardless of what pair of shoes I had worn that day. However, the wall was definitely a sight to see even if it meant me rediscovering my fear of heights. I think it is so important for cities to have a public space in the community where artists can come and show off their artwork.

Even though Carly and I only made it to the second level of the Baylor Street Wall, I was extremely frightened that I would fall down and was definitely in need of something comforting. Dessert has always been a common cure for fright in my family, so it was only appropriate for Carly and me to make a trip to Amy’s Ice Cream for something sweet. I’m glad we did because there was definitely something in that coffee-flavored ice cream that immediately made me feel a sense of relief.

That’s it for my pictures of Austin and I hope that you enjoyed them. I would definitely recommend making a trip down there if you ever get a chance!

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  • I love your pictures in this one, especially the top one!

    • Thank you Kelsey! I have to thank my wonderful photographer Carly for that. 😀