D.I.Y. Floral Fascinator

Easy DIY Floral Fascinator
DIY Floral Fascinator-Bridal Inspiration

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D.I.Y. FascinatorAs promised, today I’m bringing you a D.I.Y. post and teaching you how to make a floral fascinator. Whenever I think of Springtime fashion, some of the things that come to mind are floral prints and accessories. This fascinator is a great way to add a bit of life to your outfit. Plus, it is very easy to make, and makes for a great accessory for an easter or wedding outfit–or any outfit, really. If you’re interested in adding one to your wardrobe, here’s instructions on how to make your own:


Floral Fascinator Materials


1 Hair Clip, 12 Glass Beads, 1 Stiffened Felt Sheet, 3 Fake Flowers in 2 different colors (1 big, and 2 small), 2 Feathers, A Needle, Thread, and Scissors
Step 1


Step 1:

First, you are going to start off by cutting a square piece of stiffened felt in a rectangle that is 3″x 5.” You can experiment with a bigger size, but keep in mind the size of your hair clip if you do, because you don’t want the fascinator to be too heavy and fall off.


Step 2

Step 2: 

Place the clip against your piece of felt, and make sure that the grip of the clip is facing the outside end of the rectangle. Sew on the hair clip to your piece of felt. I recommend criss-crossing your stitches so that your clip is better supported and doesn’t slip off later.  If you want, you may also use glue to add some extra support.


Step 3

Step 3:

Once you have sewn on your clip, turn the piece of felt around and sew your feathers on the opposite side. You will sew a feather on each corner of your rectangle. You want to make sure that you sew your feathers on the end opposite of the hair clip, otherwise your fascinator will be inverted.
Step 4 and 5

Step 4:

Separate your fake flowers from the stems, and get rid of any pieces of plastic in the flowers. You will only be using the fabric petals for this project.

Step 5:

Next, you are going to sew on a flower over each feather. To do this, first pull a needle through the felt and all of the fabric petals.
Step 6 and 7

Step 6 and 7:

Before you pull the needle back through the felt, pull your needle through two glass beads. After you’ve sewn on those two beads over the fabric petals, pull the needle through the felt and fabric petals again, and repeat. This will be the center of your flower.


Step 8

Step 8:

Repeat Steps 4 and 7 on the opposite side.


Step 9


Step 9:

Finally, after you have finished sewing on your two small flowers, you’re going to take your bigger flower and sew it right underneath them, creating a “triangle.” Make sure to repeat steps 4-7 as you do this, and you’re done making your floral fascinator!

I hope that this floral fascinator tutorial was easy enough. However, please let me know if you have any questions. I’m still learning how to develop these posts, and would appreciate any feedback on how to make this tutorial better and more clear. I will make sure to update this tutorial based on any questions that you may have.
Thank you for stopping by my blog, and have an amazing rest of the week! I hope that I have inspired you to get crafting this weekend.
Much Love,
Helen Grace
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