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Cathedral Park

Photos by Laura Nolan
Free People Top
H&M Trouser Shorts
Target Tights in Black
Madewell Stacked-Heel Loafers in High Shine
Madwell Bag
In my Portland Photo Diary, I had mentioned how much I loved spending time in Portland’s beautiful parks; that is probably why I ended up taking all of my outfit photos at the parks that I visited during my trip. These photos were taken by my best friend Laura at Cathedral Park, which is located beneath the beautiful St. Johns Bridge on the east shore of the Willamette River. Since I was looking to relax and spend more time outdoors during my trip, I really liked that Cathedral Park was so close to the river and that there was so much open green space all around. However, it’s the bridge’s beautiful arches that give the park so much character and make it truly breathtaking. Laura took my photos on a stage at one end of the park where, as you can see, the view of the arches was simply amazing.

I had to make the last photo of this post a silly one! When Laura sent me the photos that she took of me, I couldn’t stop laughing at some of them because I came out making the funniest faces and poses. All my Portland friends were standing around looking at me as Laura was taking pictures and, since I’m not used to having an audience, I started to feel extremely self-conscious and doing silly poses. It’s truly thanks to Laura’s awesome photography skills that I even managed to look decent in some of these photos.

While I’m on the topic of taking silly photos, I have to say that working on this blog has served as an opportunity for me to practice self-confidence and self-love, and to learn to not take myself too seriously. I used to hate how I looked in pictures to the point that I would avoid taking any at all, and would dispose of any that I didn’t like. It kind of makes me sad that I’ve missed out on documenting so many memories because of such a silly insecurity. As funny as I look in that last photo–and trust me when I say that it’s not even the most laughable picture of the set that Laura sent me– it does make for great comic relief and it really portrays the fun mood that I was in at the moment.

I’m really sad that this is my last set of photos from Portland. I’m so glad that I was able to have such a fun vacation, and I hope to make a trip down there again soon. Are there any fun places that you have visited or are planning to visit in the near future?

Helen Grace
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