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I have to start off by saying that I was a bit lazy this week, and spent most of it watching online videos of cute cats and dogs. As a result, this week’s Weekend Picks are not as insightful and well-researched as last week’s. However, I really hope that some of these picks will put a smile on your face.
-This article from Bustle entitled “What I Instagram vs. Real Life, Or My Entire Life Is A Lie,” had me laughing so hard! I am guilty of many– if not most– of these things. But, can you blame me? The internet is where I go to pretend that I’m an extremely sociable and adventurous person, and to post my best selfies. On that note, I sincerely apologize if my face keeps popping up on your Instagram feed! 
Parks and Recreation is my favorite show on television, and I am super sad that the upcoming season will be the last. However, I am really glad to see that many of the stars of the show are venturing on to other projects. Chris Pratt, the actor who plays Andy on the show, has recently been all over doing interviews for his upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy; in watching them, I’m glad that he seems to be just as lovable and down-to-earth in person, as his character on the show. If you don’t believe me, check out this cute video of him braiding an intern’s hair. 
Raina Roo, one of my favorite Etsy Shops, just posted some new items. I really, really want this Watermelon Bikini Top
-I’m in love with Hello Giggles’ Instagram because they always post cute, funny and inspiring photos. I almost died when this picture of a bunny with a shopping cart popped up on my feed! 
Design Love Fest just posted some really awesome free desktop wallpapers on their blog. My favorite wallpaper is the one with the popsicle theme, and it’s probably because I’ve become hooked on frozen treats as a result of the intense heat that we’re experiencing in California.
– I’ve noticed that the words feminism and feminist seem to be trending all over the internet right now. As a person who identifies as a feminist, I am always surprised when I meet people who have feminist ideals, but refuse to identify as such because of their misconceptions of what feminism means. That is why I really enjoyed this article on XOJane, which talks about one writer’s journey from identifying as anti-feminist towards understanding and accepting feminism.


Helen Grace

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  • Haha I think that Instagram is populated mainly with selfies, so don't be ashamed:) I checked desginlovefest's wallpapers, and I'm glad they made them for Macbook's ! My favourite is 'Be silly, be honest, be kind'. Wow you live in California? Jealous I live in Slovenia (that's a small country right next to Italy), and it used to be hot in the summer, but right now it seems like we're captured in constant rain and weird temperatures…anyways, thank your comment on my blog,


  • I loved the article, "What I Instagram vs. Real Life, Or My Entire Life Is A Lie." Hahaha! It reminds me of when we got Thai food in Claremont and kept trying to get the perfect shot. 😉

  • I nominated you for the Liebster awards! Check it out(: