Queen of the Fairies [Raina Roo Giveaway!]

Photos by Sarah Veyna
Outfit Details:
ASOS Leather Belt (Old)
Raina Roo Queen of the Fairies Headband
Floral Dress (Old)
Seychelles Pumps (Old)
Forever 21 Clutch (Old)


As you can probably tell from all of my recent posts, lately I’ve been doing a whole lot of shopping in my own closet.  I’ve made a personal goal to really work on paying off my car and saving up some money in the next year, so I can’t splurge on clothes as much as I used to. Although it’s been a extremely hard to fight off the urge to indulge in some retail therapy, I’m determined to practice some self-control. As I’m working towards my goal, it really helps me that the joy of rediscovering a piece that I forgot that I had in my closet is just as satisfying as purchasing something new.
My latest closet find was this floral sundress that I purchased a couple of years ago. Upon rediscovering this dress, it really blew my mind that I hadn’t worn it at all this summer. The cutout in the back and the breathable fabric make it perfect for the intense heat that we’re experiencing in SoCal. I decided to pair this dress with my new Queen of the Fairies headband from Raina Roo’s Etsy Shop, and it totally made me feel like a magical nymph.
My younger sister Sarah takes most of my outfit photos for my blog, and it’s been a true bonding experience for us. Thanks to these outfit shoots, we both manage to get dressed and out of the house every weekend. This weekend we took my outfit photos by a pond at Caltech in Pasadena, and we decided to take a break by taking some nature shots. It was a good way for both of us to get some practice photographing different subjects. I can only hope that one of these days, Sarah will  finally allow me to photograph her outfits.
Putting together this post was very exciting for me because this is actually my 50th blog entry. I started this blog a couple of months ago as a New Year’s resolution, in hopes that it would serve as a creative outlet and give me a reason to be more socially active. This blog has definitely served that purpose, and has even turned into part of my weekly self-care routine. When I’ve had a tough week and all that I want to do is lay around and watch T.V. on the weekend, it helps me to have something that motivates me to actually get out of the house. I’m also very grateful that this blog has helped me keep in touch with friends that are far away, and has even connected me to other amazing people with similar interests.
In celebration of my 50th blog post, I’ve teamed up with Raina Roo to offer you a chance to win the two beautiful, handmade crocheted headbands pictured below. I’m very excited to collaborate with Raina Roo because I have been a huge fan of Raina’s shop for a long time, and I love that she makes beautiful handmade items that fit a variety of styles. You can enter to win some of her wonderful creations below! I will announce the winner here on September 1st.


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