September Goals

Photos by Sarah Veyna
Outfit Details:
Crocheted Top (Handmade by my Grandmother)
Asos Tank Top
Old Navy Black Skater Skirt
Lotta from Stockholm Peeptoe Clogs in Tan
Madewell Black Leather Bag

It’s been so hot lately that I struggle with deciding what to wear because, honestly, all I want to do is lay around in my bathing suit all day. Since I can’t do that, I’ve definitely have a couple of warm-weather pieces that I’ve been religiously wearing all summer. This black skater skirt has become one of my go-to pieces because it’s very light and it goes well with most of my summer tops. This weekend I wore it with this crocheted top that my grandmother made for me a while back; the open stitches are perfect for when you’re trying to beat the heat.

I can’t believe that it’s September already, and another month has come and gone. I want to start off this month by establishing some monthly goals. The reason that I want to do that is because I always have all of these long-term goals, but I hardly ever stop to think of what it is that I can accomplish at the moment. I’m also hoping that setting short-term goals will enable me to reflect on my immediate needs and priorities. That being said, these are some goals that I want to work towards accomplishing during this month:

  • Last week I blogged about how I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up shopping for a couple of months, and focus on making on my own clothes instead. Well, I’ve decided to take on that challenge for the next six months. I want to do this because it will help me work towards becoming less materialistic, which is something that I struggle with when I’m under stress; I always have this idea in my head that a new top or dress will solve all of my problems. It will also help me cultivate my creativity and improve my sewing skills, so that I can finally move past only making things that are square-shaped such as tote bags, pillows, etc. Plus, almost everybody in my family has amazing sewing skills, so I feel the pressure to also perfect that skill.
  • This month, I also want to start working towards being less of a perfectionist and people pleaser. Over the years, I’ve made a great amount of progress in this area of my life and I’ve started to learn how to roll with the punches whenever something unexpected comes my way. However, I still struggle with self-doubt and feeling guilty for doing things simply because they make me happy. Since I’m currently working on several long-term goals, I want to make sure that I’m in the right state of mind and am able to be my own cheerleader whenever a challenge comes my way. I have to remember that I need to do what’s best for me, and not let other people’s perspective affect my decisions.
  • Although Β I want to be less of a perfectionist, I realize there are certain responsibilities that I tend to completely ignore. Therefore, I want to become more organized to ensure that I’m making progress towards my goals. So what I’m saying is that starting this month, I have to stop procrastinating on studying for the GRE.
  • I also want to set the goal to read more often. Since I was an English and Spanish major in college, I used to read 4-6 books a week, and completely gave up watching television during that time. Nowadays, I spend most of my time online and watching television, because it’s so much easier to find the energy to do those things when I come home from work. However, I miss learning and want to make that a priority in my life again.
That’s it for my September goals. I’m hoping that keeping the practice of implementing short-term goals will help me learn how to better live in the moment, and give me a better sense of accomplishment. Do you all have any monthly or day-to-day goals? How do you manage to stick to your goals?
Helen Grace—

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