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DIY Lace-Up Flats

I’ve been seeing lace-up flats and heels everywhere this season and I’m officially obsessed. I have a couple of pairs on my wish list that I’ve been eyeing for a while, but I figured I’d try making my own before going out and splurging on a new pair of shoes. I’m really, really happy with how cute this diy project turned out, and I also love the feminine touch this pair of shoes adds to even the most simple outfit. Keep on reading to learn how you can transform your own pair of flats.
A pair of flats (I bought this pair from Target in “Blush”)
16 pieces of cording 2″ long (in the color of your flats)
2 pieces of cording 72-80″ long (in the color of your flats)
E6000 Glue
A popsickle stick or cuticle stick to apply glue


Step 1. Take 14 of your 2″ pieces of cording and, using the E6000 glue and stick, glue the ends together creating a loop for the longer pieces of cording to go through. This wasn’t an issue for me, but if you have tight shoes I would recommend using very thin pieces of cording for this step so that they don’t dig into your foot when you wear your shoes.

Steps 2. Before you start gluing on the cording loops, place the pair of shoes side by side so that you can make sure that the placement of these loops is the same on both shoes. On each shoe, you’re going to glue a loop in the middle-front, and then you are going to glue 3 pieces on the left side of the shoe and 3 pieces on the right (as shown above).
Step 3. Take the last two 2″ pieces of cording and glue each end to the heel of your shoes, creating a loop. The first picture shows these pieces of cording glued together like the other pieces of cording, but I had to reposition them after I gave these shoes a test run and the pieces started rubbing against my heel.
Note: Make sure to let the glue dry for 24 hours before you wear your shoes. I made the mistake of trying to lace up my shoes earlier than this, and some of the loops came off in the process. 


Step 4. After the glue has dried for 24 hours, you can go ahead and lace up these shoes and wear them around town. Just as a tip, I found that it’s much easier to put on these shoes while the laces are still on so that the pieces of cording don’t fold into the shoe.

I hope you find time to try out this diy project this summer! I also want to make them in black, and possibly other colors, so you might see them all over my personal style posts in the upcoming months.

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