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Homemade Herbal Tea: Guest Post by Vogue Intuition

I hope you are all having an amazing week! Today’s post is actually something that my fellow blogger Shawndiz from the blog Vogue Intuition put together. Shawndiz is currently a college student at the University of California San Diego whose blog is focused on providing other women in college with tips on how to live a fun and stylish life while balancing the demands of school. I was really excited when she reached out to me with the idea of a post on homemade herbal tea because I think it’s something that we all could use in the upcoming fall months. I’ll most likely be referring to this post next time I have a craving for tea and I hope you do to!
Happy first day of fall! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The air gets colder and the evenings are spent curled up reading a book and sipping your favorite hot drink. My personal go-to drink is tea. I love how there are so many different varieties you can choose from, and different combinations even help with different things (like sleeping for example). That said, I think I got my love of tea from my family who are all heavy tea drinkers. My dad even goes as far as drying his own herbs that he grows in his own garden to make his tea. So today I thought I would share one of the recipes you can use for drying and brewing your own tea right at home, and I’ll also go over the health benefits of the specific herbs I used in this mix!
  • green tea
  • fresh olive leaves
  • fresh lemon balm
Directions to dry herbs:
If you would prefer to just buy dried olive leaves and lemon balm, go ahead and skip to the next section.
  1. Gather your olive leaves and lemon balm. We got ours from our garden.
  2. Put each in their own bowls and clean thoroughly with water.
  3. Lay each out on a cookie sheet and place the sheet in the oven. DO NOT TURN ON THE OVEN, simply turn on the light. This will make it warm enough to dry them over time.
  4. After leaving the leaves in the oven for a day you can start using them in your tea. However, if you want them to eventually become completely dry, leave them there till you see they are.
Directions to brew tea:
You can do this in either a tea pot or tea strainer (for individual mugs).
  1. In whichever device you are using, pour in your green tea, olive leaves and lemon balm. Because the strength of your tea is a personal preference there is no exact measurement for how much to put. In my tea, all three ingredients took up half of the center brewing part of the pot. Nevertheless, you should use more green tea than either of the other two ingredients because green tea serves as the base flavor.
  2. Boil water in a tea kettle, but let it cool for one minute before you pour it over your tea.
  3. Let your tea sit for ten minutes so that the flavors are thoroughly infused, then snuggle up and enjoy! If you like your tea a little sweet, add some honey!
Here are the health benefits of each of the herbs used in this brew. Green tea can improve your health, improve brain function, and increase fat burning. Dried olive leaves can prevent cancer, help with bone building, and have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Dried lemon balm can optimize your digestive system, relieve symptoms of anxiety, and stimulate your immune system. So why wouldn’t you brew yourself a cup?
Also, if you really enjoy healthy homemade drinks like I do, take a look at my infused sparkling water recipe! Or you can take a look here for a desert recipe!
What are some of your favorite herbal teas?
I hope you enjoyed my post; I really enjoyed working with Helen to make it happen! Don’t forget to check out my blog for a free gift!
xo shawndiz


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