Fall Flannel

Uniqlo Plaid Flannel and Madewell Transport Tote

Outfit Details:

Suede Pumps (Similar)
Madewell Mini Transport Tote (Available in Burgundy)
PNW Style, Fall Flannel and Denim
Portland Fall Style, Casual Flannel and Denim
Uniqlo Fall Flannel and Madewell Denim


If I could live in flannel all fall season, I probably would. I love being able to keep warm and cozy as efficiently possible while still looking stylish, and this shirt does just the trick.
Another thing that I love about this fall flannel shirt is the masculine style and oversize fit. I’ve found that, for me, it’s all about balance when it comes to wearing pieces that are either very feminine or masculine. All you need to dress up a more “boyish shirt” is a good pair of heels or a pretty necklace. The same goes for wearing oversize pieces–I like pairing oversize shirts with fitted pants and a higher waist line to prevent my outfit from looking too bulky.
Of course, if you’re looking to wear more of an off duty style and maximize comfort, you can always leave this shirt untucked and ditch the high rise denim for leggings or black jeans. Finish off the look with some stylish sneakers or boots, and you’re all good to go! This is probably the look you’ll find me in on most days when I’m busy running around town.
Are you a fan of the fall flannel look? What are some of your staple pieces this fall season?
I hope your week is off to a great start! Although I have a busy week ahead of me, I’m congratulating myself at being so much more on top of things and less stressed this school term than I was last year. It’s all about the little victories, am I right? I’m also working on a blog calendar so that I can keep on top of this fun project of mine. So stay tuned for some fun posts in the upcoming weeks!

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