Joseph Woodhill Park


In an effort to escape our apartment a few weekends back, my roommate Candace and I went out for brunch and then decided to drive up to Joseph Woodhill Park, a nice little spot hidden at the top of Rocky Butte. If you’ve never heard of this place before, I would recommend making your way over here if you’re in Portland. The park is enclosed and looks like some sort of gothic castle from the outside. Once inside, you get some of the most amazing views of the city. Candace and I drove up hear on a pretty dreary day, so the city had a very cool and dark vibe to it. However, I’ll be coming back at some point in time because I’d also love to see what type of view I get on a bright and cheerful day.

If you’re looking to make up your way to this vista point, I would recommend driving or biking up, because it is not very pedestrian friendly.  I tried hiking up here when I first moved to Portland, and ended up giving up and turning back because I felt unsafe walking on the side of a very windy road all by myself. I hope that little piece of advice makes your visit a bit more enjoyable. Until next time!

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