Portland Winter Wonderland

 I still remember the first time I saw snow a few years ago on my first day of studying abroad in Madrid. I arrived 3 days late to my program due to a flight delay. Of course, with this delay, I worried about not knowing the city as well as some of my peers. Luckily, a friend that lived in the same neighborhood agreed to meet up that evening to show me around. As we were walking around exploring our home for the next few months, it suddenly started to snow. That was all it took to replace my feeling of anxiousness with excitement. I remember simply being in awe of this very rare sight.
As many of you can imagine, my reaction and the fact that I had never seen snow perplexed my friend. But I think that’s the case for many natives of Southern California, where we’re lucky if we even get enough rainy days in a year. That is why I was excited when Portland got the most snow it’s seen since 2008 this past week. We’ve had a few snow days this year, but nothing compared to this winter wonderland. I hope that the pictures below convince you that it was as amazing as I claim it was.
My first attempt to get out of the house during this snow storm was to purchase groceries. Unfortunately, the Trader Joe’s nearby was closed due to the inclement weather. I nearly slipped and fell a few times on my way there, probably because the snow on the sidewalks was quick to turn into ice and I could do with more appropriate shoes for this weather. However, it was definitely worth the trip because I got to see some beautiful sights. As you can see from the photo above, even the Trader Joe’s parking lot looked magical.
This type of weather is rare to Portland from what I hear, and the city shut down whenever it gets just a little bit of snow. Things have been pretty slow for the past few days. This, of course, has been a nuisance for some people. However, I personally like having an excuse to take time to slow down and take it easy. Maybe I should pretend to have snow days more often.
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