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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Los Angeles

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

111 S Ave 59

Los Angeles, CA 90042

Open Daily, 8AM-3PM


I’m not the type of person to fall victim to crazes, especially when it comes to trends in food. After all, it took me years to finally bite into a macaron and discover how truly delicious they are. However, I knew that I had to make my way over to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the creators of the cruffin, when I started seeing photos of their awesome new Los Angeles location pop up on my social media feeds.  Who could say no to a place that advertises butter and is adorned in gold and pink? Not this lady, that’s for sure!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, All Butter Everything

'Eat Me LA' Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

I was attracted to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse by the promise of delicious buttery baked goods, and boy did they deliver! This particular location had a nice selection of pastries, and I was able to try a few of them. I had to have the cruffin(croissant muffin), their specialty, while I was there, and it did not disappoint. It had a nice crispy texture and the cream filling was delicious. In addition, I grabbed a few donuts and a danish to take home, and they were all equally mouth watering. Next time I’m back in LA, I want to try their croissants which come in churro, Ferrero Rocher and matcha flavor.

Cruffin_Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Another reason to visit Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is that the space itself is very cute. The interior is decorated in white, gold and hints of pink, and has fun details such as a huge “I Got Baked in Los Angeles” neon sign that covers one of their walls. It’s a pretty great space to hang out with friends or have a meeting with a small group.

I hope this inspires you to visit if you’re in LA!



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  • That sweater with the roses neck is just too cute! Love your photos




      Thank you!

  • Mary Maria

    Wooow you look amazing!! Have a nice day! ❤

    PS: Follow each other? Let me know!
    Mary María Style


      Thank you! You too!

  • I’ll definitely have to make note to pay a visit to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse when in LA, everything you ordered looks absolutely delicious! I’ve heard of their cruffins and how delicious they are and it doesn’t heart that they have a cute Insta worth interior, too! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!




      Thank you! Have a great week, Jalisa!

  • Hehe I love food crazes!! I can’t believe it took you so long to try macarons. I wish there was a good place for those around here but there isn’t :(. BUT omgosh!! I’ve always wanted to try Mr. Holmes. The line always looks so long every time I tried going in SF. The place does look super cute inside and everything you got sounds incredible. I want them sooo badly!!



      The lines in LA are not as intense, at least on a weekday at the Highland Park location. Although, I have to say that I’d stand in line for a cruffin. haha!

  • Those donuts look so amazing, yummy


      They sure were! haha!

  • Love the packaging as much as the goodies. Your sweater is spot on for their decor too. Fashion and decor…go hand in hand!-Laurel Bledsoe


      Thank you so much, Laurel! 😀

  • I would love to visit this place when I go to LA! everything sounds so delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂


      I would definitely recommend that you do! Thanks for visiting, Stella!

  • I’m going to LA to visit a friend in a few weeks and I want to go here now! Plus my name is Watson…Holmes and Watson, so perfect!!

    • Oh my gosh! That is perfect! They have several locations around LA, so you should definitely try them. 😀