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    Quarter-Life Crisis

    Quarter-life crisis New Hair Balayage High Waist Pants and Purple TOp

    Photos by: Ale and Sarah Veyna

    Outfit Details

    Balayage Highlights by Aiyana Diaz at Tintura Salon

    Asos High-Waisted Pants (no longer on the site)

    Asos Woven Vest in a different color here

    Old Navy Studded Flats

    I always deal with difficult situations or changes in my life by changing my hairstyle. I’ve chopped off my hair twice in the past few years hoping it would make all my problems disappear. And, even though I regretted it each time, chopping off my locks did provide some immediate relief.
    Speaking of dealing with change, my birthday has been constantly on my mind these past few months. You can say that I’ve been going through a quarter-life crisis of sorts this past year. It certainly isn’t because I’m afraid of aging. Most of my anxiety comes from feeling that turning 25 means that I need to start being more responsible and conscious about my future. At the same time, I keep thinking that life is too short and feel this overwhelming pressure to be more adventurous, and just put myself out there.

    I’ve been wanting to change my hair color for a very long time, but I tend to over-think things and was too afraid that I would end up hating it. I finally turned 25 this weekend, and of course I decided that the best way to embrace change was by having my hairstylist Aiyana at Tintura Salon put in some caramel ombre/balayage highlights in my naturally dark brown hair. It’s not anything too drastic, but it is certainly different enough for me.Luckily, I’m in love with my hair and don’t see myself regretting this change any time soon. It could just be a sign that I’m making better decisions. With all my anxiety gone, I was able to focus on having a fun and exciting weekend. It’s funny how something so simple can make you feel like you can overcome any obstacles that life throws your way.


    In Search of A New Creative Outlet

    Photos by: Ale Veyna

    Outfit Details:

    Forever 21 T-Shirt (old but here is a similar option)

     Ruche Skirt(old but you can find a similar skirt here)

     MAC Lipstick in Rebel

    I am starting this blog because I want a creative outlet where I can share my ideas. I hope that this blog can allow me to work on my writing and explore many of my interests. At the moment I intend for this blog to mainly be focused on my personal style. However, I also plan to write about my travels and creative projects. It’s a new year and my resolution is to try new things outside of my comfort zone, so who knows what types of things I’ll end up writing about on this blog.

    Since the main purpose of this blog is to chronicle my personal style, I guess that I should talk a bit about my outfit. I wore this outfit to work today. I like that it’s so bright and colorful because it instantly boosts up my mood. I’m aware that it may seem a bit strange and silly to wear colors usually reserved for Spring and Summer in the middle of January. It is equally as hilarious to think that just two weeks ago I decided to go on a shopping spree for sweaters because I was “freezing” in the 64 degree weather. As much as I am enjoying California’s endless Summer, I am looking forward to cooler days so that I can at least get some mileage out of my new winter wardrobe.

    I’ll have to wait until my next post to report on any adventures. It’s been a busy week in terms of work and I haven’t been able to focus much time on myself. That is why I’m ready for the upcoming holiday weekend. I’m not only excited for the three-day weekend, but also on reaching my first major milestone of the new year. Sunday marks my 25th birthday and I am beyond ecstatic. I am ready to start a new chapter in my life and am looking forward to another year of learning.