My Trip to Austin Part 2

    Photos By: Carly Stevens
    Outfit Details:
    CottonOn Tank Top
    Urban Outfitters Sweater (similar here)
    H&M Trouser Shorts
    Old Navy Textured Short-Zip Boots

    My last day in Austin was very laid back. My friend Carly and I got up early to have coffee at Mozart’s, a cafe located next to Lady Bird Lake. Afterwards, we went to explore the Baylor Street Art Wall, a public space where artists can come and paint. Every picture I had seen of Austin depicted a very colorful city, and I wanted to have the opportunity to see as much public art as possible. I have to say that the Baylor Street Art Wall was the perfect place for me to do just that.

    When I looked at pictures of the Baylor Street Art Wall online, I had imagined that there would be steps or some sort of path leading up to the different levels of the wall. Unfortunately, when we got there, Carly and I realized that we had to do some serious hiking to get to any other part of the wall that wasn’t at floor level.

    Looking back, I definitely have to say that I wore the wrong shoes for hiking. But, I’m sure that I would have found the climb just as challenging regardless of what pair of shoes I had worn that day. However, the wall was definitely a sight to see even if it meant me rediscovering my fear of heights. I think it is so important for cities to have a public space in the community where artists can come and show off their artwork.

    Even though Carly and I only made it to the second level of the Baylor Street Wall, I was extremely frightened that I would fall down and was definitely in need of something comforting. Dessert has always been a common cure for fright in my family, so it was only appropriate for Carly and me to make a trip to Amy’s Ice Cream for something sweet. I’m glad we did because there was definitely something in that coffee-flavored ice cream that immediately made me feel a sense of relief.

    That’s it for my pictures of Austin and I hope that you enjoyed them. I would definitely recommend making a trip down there if you ever get a chance!


    My Trip to Austin Part 1

    Photos by: Carly Stevens

    Outfit Details:
    Floral Shirt
    ASOS High-Waisted Pants (similar here)
    Handmade Crocheted Purse 

    I made a trip to Austin, Texas this weekend and it’s a big deal because, prior to this trip, I hadn’t been outside of California in almost three years. Late last year I talked to several friends on many different occasions, who strongly suggested that I needed to make time to travel and focus on self-care. After much encouragement from my loved ones, I finally decided that I really needed to make an effort in 2014 to get out of town and explore new places.

    A trip to Austin was the perfect way to start off my year of travel because it also offered me an opportunity to reunite with my dear friend Carly, who had to suddenly relocate to Austin late last October for work. Although I was, and still am, very sad to have lost my weekly coffee date buddy and friend of 14 years to the State of Texas, I was happy to have such a wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide on my trip.

    Carly had to work the first day that I was in Austin, so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to explore the city on my own. For some odd reason I decided that walking was the best mode of transportation for me, even though there are stations where you can rent bikes all around the city. On my first day there I was committed to see as much of the city as I possibly could, and I explored Lady Bird Lake and several areas of Downtown Austin. Thanks to my determination, by the end of the day I had walked more than 8 miles. As tired as I was from walking, I would do it all over again because it was such a great way to experience Austin and really get a feel of the landscape.

    The rest of my weekend was much more relaxed. Before I arrived I had told Carly that she had to find some awesome coffee shops for us to visit, and boy she delivered! Even though I don’t really know much about coffee, I love drinking it and I don’t think that I would be able to ever live somewhere that does not have a good coffee scene. While in Austin, on average I had about 3-4 cups of coffee a day, and would have probably consumed more if Carly hadn’t suggested other fun activities for us to do. Of the coffee shops I visited, my favorites were the modern Wright Bros. Brew and Brew (which serves both coffee and beer!), the artsy and homey Vintage Heart Coffee and the well-hidden Flat Track Coffee.

    While in Austin, Carly also wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity to try some of that famous Texas barbecue. Therefore, we made a trip to The Salt Lick which is located in Driftwood, a couple of miles outside of Austin. I have to say that it was one of the most amazing food experiences that I have ever had! I definitely entered into a food coma after eating so much delicious barbecue. On top of that, it is such a cool restaurant to visit, even if you do not like barbecue. The place was huge, and they even had a beautiful outdoor picnic area where customers could dine.

    Carly was the perfect hostess because she was nice enough to humor me and take me to all of the cool touristy places that I wanted to visit, and she was more than willing to join me in my food, coffee and thrift store shopping adventures. Thanks to Carly I even had the opportunity to enjoy some great live music, which is what Austin is really known for, at a really great bar called Cheer Up Charlie’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pictures from that night because I was too afraid I’d ruin my camera while out on the town.

    I hope you enjoyed my pictures! There are many more to come because there was just so much to see around Austin. I’m so happy that I made a trip to Austin, and I was so sad to leave this wonderful city. However, I hope that 2014 brings me many new adventures as great as this one.


    “There’s No Place Like Home”

     Photos by: Sarah Veyna
     Outfit Details:
    H&M Sunglasses
    Pleated Dress in Beige (Old)
    Crop Top in Polka Dots (Old)
    Dolce Vita Sandals
    Crocheted Purse w/bottle caps (Handmade by my Grandmother)
    Target Earrings (Old)

    weekend my sister and I went to get boba at Flour and Tea and afterwards we made a stop at Pasadena City Hall, my favorite building in my hometown of Pasadena. If you
    are a Parks and Recreation fan like I am, you may notice that this also
    happens to be the facade for Pawnee City Hall on the show. I’ll stop at that fact because I can already see my friends giggling in my head–I’ve lived in Pasadena for most of my life and can go on-and-on about how much I love the city. It’s funny, though, because I never truly appreciated how wonderful it was until I left for college and realized that not every hometown is as special as mine. In the famous words of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like home.”

    Pasadena City Hall is such a
    beautiful building and on the weekends it’s always filled with wedding
    parties, and the like, trying to take pictures. On this particular weekend the building wasn’t as busy so we had the opportunity to take a couple of photos.

    Since I’m still fairly new to blogging, I must say that one of the things I appreciate about starting this blog is that it has inspired me to find new ways to wear the clothes that I already have. I’ve had both this crop top and this pleated dress for almost two years, and I’ve only worn each item no more than twice. It was extremely fun to dig up these two items from my closet and come up with a new way to style them.

    This is my only post this week because tomorrow I’m headed to Austin to visit my friend Carly. I cannot wait to see my friend Carly and spend time with her, and to get to explore the lovely City of Austin. I am also very excited about this trip because I decided late last year that 2014 was going to be the year of travel for me, and this trip is my first step towards making that happen. Wish me luck!