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    Lan Su Chinese Garden

    Lan Su Chinese Garden

    239 NW Everett

    Portland, OR

    Today I’m sharing a few photos from the Portland Lan Su Chinese Garden. If you’ve never visited, it’s a must-see location if you’re in Portland. This beautiful and serene enclosed garden is situated in Portland’s Old Chinatown, and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Portland. One of the wonderful things about this garden is that it was built in collaboration with artisans from Portland’s sister city Suzhou, making the design of this garden very authentic.

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    Winter Florals

    Photos taken on my iPhone by Sara Hatakeyama
    Outfit Details:
    Forever 21 Sunglasses
    Black Tights
    ASOS Leather Belt (Similar)
    Target Boots (Similar here and here)
    Part of the reason that I started a blog is because I love reading them, and there are several bloggers whose style I truly admire. I usually just visit blogs for outfit inspiration, but when I saw this floral Samantha Pleet dress on Rebecca from The Clothes Horse, I fell in love and was determined to have it. The print was just so beautiful and unique to me, and I loved that it fit in with my style, but didn’t look like anything else that is currently in my closet. However, I was immediately heartbroken when I clicked on the link to the dress and realized that it was way out of my price range. Luckily for me, I found this similar style at ZARA for a small fraction of the price. The print and fit of the dress are both very similar, and I’ve received several compliments every time I’ve worn it.
    I have to say that last week and this weekend were amazing. I had so many family and friends send birthday wishes my way, which made me feel so incredibly loved. In addition, I have had several things happen that have made me feel more confident in my potential and plans for the future, which is different for me. All of last year, I felt confused and insecure about my life goals and what I’ve been doing with my life, but last week I finally started to feel like everything is falling into place.
    I’ve also been in such a great space because I’ve been doing a great job at managing my anxiety and practicing self-care. I spent too much of last year being a recluse and moping around, but I hope to keep working towards maintaining a positive attitude throughout the rest of this year.
     In my efforts to live more in the moment, I’ve been making sure that I make time to hang out with friends and family, and do things that I really enjoy. This weekend I made sure to get out of my “cave” and do some socializing. On Saturday I went out for brunch with my friends Shantal and Sara, and I also went hiking with my sisters on Sunday. Because of that, even though I had a lot of work to do, I still felt like I got the most out of my weekend. I’ll have to remember that next time that I try to become antisocial and let other responsibilities consume my life.
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