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    Rethinking Old Favorites

    All photos by me
    Outfit Details:
    Fedora Hat (Similar)
    Free People Scarf
    Old Navy Crew Neck Sweater (Similar here and here)
    Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans (Similar)
    Madewell Ames Boots (Similar)
    I’m posting a bit later than usual because these past few days have been extremely busy for me. I had forgotten how time consuming it is to be a student, and I underestimated how exhausted I would be at the end of each day. Since reading for class takes priority over blogging, I’m warning you all in advance that I might go missing from the blogosphere every once in a while.
    Now that I’ve explained my absence, let’s talk about this outfit. I’m still trying to figure out my autumn style and it’s been tough for me to not rely on the same couple of pieces all the time. To change things up, I’ve been experimenting with wearing some of my favorite clothes in new and unique ways. These boyfriend jeans have made numerous appearances on the blog, but this time around I decided to style them differently by cuffing them and pairing them with my favorite ankle boots. Since my outfit was lacking in color, I also threw on a rustic blanket scarf to add a bit of movement and texture. I think that this outfit would also look great with the addition of a leather jacket, but temperatures were not quite cool enough on this day for me to get away with adding an extra layer.
    I have to say that it’s fun being able to play around with a part of my wardrobe that only got to see the light of day for about two weeks when I lived in California. Who knows what fun outfit combinations I’ll come up with next!
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