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    On the Road…

    I took these photos from a rest area along the I-5 as I was entering back into California. It started snowing in Southern Oregon as I was driving down to Oakland on Sunday, so what would have been a 9-hour drive turned into 13 hours. I have to say that getting to appreciate scenes like this along the way made the grueling drive slightly more enjoyable. Since I obviously did not get to be around snow very often  growing up in Los Angeles, I get very excited whenever I do get to see it. It was magical driving by snow-covered pines on my way down, and all the neighborhoods I could see from the side of the road reminded me of tiny Christmas villages. That being said, I’m beyond excited to be back home in Pasadena for almost three weeks. I’m looking forward to soaking up some rays and not having to wear a raincoat everywhere I go. Most importantly, I’m simply happy to be somewhere that feels familiar and being able to spend the holiday season with my family.
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