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Spring Time


    Pretty in Pink

    Photos by Ale and Sarah Veyna
    Outfit Details:
    H&M Sunglasses
    H&M Top
    H&M Skirt with Beaded Waist
    Guess Purse (Gift from my Mom)
    Seychelles Pumps (Old)
    Spring is my favorite season and I am so glad that it is just around the corner. Whenever Spring comes around, I just get this feeling that great things are going to happen–nature is blooming, the weather is simply perfect, and it seems like love is in the air. One of the things that I really love about Spring is the colors associated with it. I love pastel colors, especially pastel pink, which happens to be my favorite color. There is just something about it that makes me feel happy and pretty whenever I wear it. (I’ve been following Erin at the Take Comfort Project, and she talks about how the color pink just seems to pop up everywhere once Spring comes around in a recent post.)
    The reason that wearing the color pink is so significant to me is because it is a color that many associate with being female, and a color that I wear to express my own femininity. Growing up, I was reluctant to wear pink because I did not want to be a “stereotypical” girl. Even at a young age, it never felt okay for me to have to conform to a certain set of rules based on my gender. I finally felt comfortable wearing pink when I realized that being female can mean very different things to different people, and that femininity is something that can be expressed by a person of any gender. 
    Aside from the fact that I’m wearing pink and ready for Spring, you might notice that I took a departure from my usual hairstyle and wore my hair in a braided crown. I really like this hairstyle because it is a great alternative to milk maid braids. I can’t wear my hair in a ponytail because it gives me a headache, so this hairstyle is perfect for when I don’t want my hair all over my face. If you’re interested in trying out this hairstyle, Keiko Lynn has a very easy and straightforward tutorial which I referenced when doing my hair. Just so you know, my hair is in no way as long as hers, but it looked just fine when I pinned my braids to the middle of my head.
    As always, thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope that you have a fantastic rest of the week!
    Much Love,
    Helen Grace