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Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace Madewell Trapeze Crop Tank-015

Photos by Ale Veyna

Outfit Details:
Madewell Trapeze Crop Tank (Use code Extra40 for 40% off)
Madewell Jeans
Caged Booties (Similar)
Due to nearby hurricanes, the weather in SoCal has been really strange. The weather can go from being cool and pleasant to extremely hot from one day to the next; we even got some rain and thunder this weekend! The good thing about this weird weather is that, if anything, it makes getting dressed so much more interesting, and you also have a good excuse to change into different outfits throughout the day. I wore this trapeze crop tank with jeans and caged booties on Saturday morning when it was just foggy outside, but later layered on a chunky sweater and put on a pair of boots when it started to pour later in the day.
My favorite part of this outfit has to be this statement necklace that I recently received from Happiness Boutique. I love it so much that I can’t stop wearing it! I especially like the collar style of this necklace and the fact that it adds a bit of life to even the most simple outfit. A plus about owning a good statement necklace is that it makes accessorizing easy for people, like me, that don’t want to invest too much time getting ready and picking out an outfit in the morning. Another wonderful thing about Happiness Boutique is that they offer free shipping worldwide and even have a rewards program that enables you to earn points towards a future purchase.
Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace Madewell Trapeze Crop Tank-004Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace Madewell Trapeze Crop Tank-016

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace Madewell Trapeze Crop Tank-025

This weekend was truly special because I was reunited with my very good friend Janista after not having seen her for almost two years.  We’ve been friends for several years and used to hang out on a weekly basis, so I was sad to see her go when she left L.A. for a job in Thailand. Of course, as is the case when you’re reunited with any good friend, it felt like nothing much had changed since we had last seen each other and we spent about five hours just catching up.

It keeps hitting me that I’ll be leaving SoCal very soon and, although I’m very excited for my move, I sometimes get very sad about all the people that I won’t get to see every day. I do take comfort in the thought that I have been fortunate to build solid relationships with people that will survive despite the distance between us.


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