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    Smorgasburg LA

    The Jolly Oyster, Smorgasburg Los Angeles

    Smorgasburg LA

    During my last trip back home to LA, I was finally able to check off Smorgasburg LA from my list of things to do. For those of you who are not from LA, you may be wondering what this is. Well, every Sunday Smorgasburg LA turns an empty parking lot into the place to be by bringing together an array of amazing food vendors and fun shops. But, let’s be honest, I was mainly there for the food. And while it was overwhelming to be surrounded  by so many options, I did manage to do my fair share of eating and was extremely satisfied with my picks. Keep on reading for a few of my recommendations.

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    Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Los Angeles

    Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

    111 S Ave 59

    Los Angeles, CA 90042

    Open Daily, 8AM-3PM


    I’m not the type of person to fall victim to crazes, especially when it comes to trends in food. After all, it took me years to finally bite into a macaron and discover how truly delicious they are. However, I knew that I had to make my way over to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the creators of the cruffin, when I started seeing photos of their awesome new Los Angeles location pop up on my social media feeds.  Who could say no to a place that advertises butter and is adorned in gold and pink? Not this lady, that’s for sure!

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    Glazed Persimmon Pancakes

    I would never describe myself as a picky eater, but there are definitely foods I tend to avoid due to bad experiences, one of those being persimmons. My family used to have a persimmon tree when I was younger and my tongue would go numb whenever I tried to eat one. I interpreted this numbing sensation as an allergic reaction and soon gave up on ever enjoying this bright and colorful fruit. However, I recently had a change of heart when I came to find out that the reason that your tongue goes numb is because the fruit contains tannins whenever it isn’t ripe enough to eat. I  decided to give persimmons a second chance upon finding out this fun fact, and I’m glad I did because they’re absolutely delicious! To celebrate my newfound love for this delectable fruit, I’ve put together this easy Glazed Persimmon Pancake recipe, which I hope you will enjoy.


    Serves 2

    Recipe Adapted from The Baker Upstairs

    1 cup of flour
    A pinch of salt
    A pinch of cinnamon
    2 Tbsp of sugar
    2 1/2 tsp of baking powder
    1 egg
    1 tsp of vanilla extract
    1 cup of milk
    1/4 cup of olive oil
    Butter to coat your pan

    2 Persimmons (chopped into small cubes)
    1 tsp of Butter
    1 tsp of sugar
    A pinch of cinnamon


    Combine the dry ingredients into a small bowl and set aside. In a separate bowl, combine the egg, vanilla extract, milk, and olive oil and beat the mixture until smooth. Pour the dry ingredients into this bowl and continue to mix everything together until the mixture appears creamy and you’ve gotten rid of most of the lumps from the dry ingredients.

    Once your pancake mix is ready, preheat a pan over low to medium heat, wait until it’s warm and lightly coat it using a stick of butter. Pour the pancake mix into the pan, making sure to form a nice round shape. Cook on one side for 2-3 minutes, and flip it over once you’ve noticed most of the bubbles in the mixture have popped and the edges of the pancake are lightly browned. Cook on the opposite side for 1-2 minutes. Repeat these steps until you’ve used up all your pancake mix.

    To make the glazed persimmons, peel the persimmons and chop them into tiny little cubes. Preheat a pan over medium heat–you can use the same one in which you made the pancakes. Once your pan is warm, melt a tsp of butter. Place the rest of the ingredients in the pan and toss until they are mixed well together and the persimmons have started to brown.

    To finish things off, top the pancakes with the glazed persimmons and a bit of maple syrup (optional) and you’re already to serve!

    This recipe is pretty simple and a great way to make weekend brunch a little more special. I’ve already made this twice and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite brunch recipes, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
    HelenP.S. Since I know somebody will probably ask, the “Love Potion” mug is from 😀