70s Retro Vibes in A Marigold Top, Denim and Clogs

Marigold Top and Clogs
Photos by Ale Veyna

Outfit Details:

Madewell 9″ Rise Denim (Available in Davis Wash)
Marigold Tie Neck Blouse, Madewell Denim and Clogs
Retro Round Sunglasses and Marigold Pussy Bow Blouse
Retro Inspired Outfit: Clogs, Denim and Marigold Tie Neck Blouse
Yellow Floral Tie Neck Blouse
70s inspired style: marigold swing tank, denim and clogs
Marigold is one of my favorite colors to wear. Yet, I don’t seem to have enough of it in my wardrobe. There’s just something about the color that immediately brightens up my mood. That is why I knew I had to have this marigold top when I was out shopping for business casual attire a few weeks back. While the color is bold, the warm shade is office-appropriate.
As you can see, what makes this piece so great is that it’s also perfect for everyday wear. I was going for a 70s vibe with this outfit I wore for a day of running around LA with my sister Ale. Therefore, I paired this top with high rise jeans and wooden clogs. On the website, the model is wearing the tie a bit higher. However, to keep true to the retro feel of this look, I wore the bow tied lower and near the neckline. I would also recommend wearing it this way if you’re looking for a more “modest” look. Otherwise, it can be a bit revealing.

Before I go, it rained a bit in Portland this weekend, so I’ll have to warn you that you may soon start seeing me in more transitional outfits on the blog. The good thing about this look is that you can easily layer on a sweater, but other pieces are more challenging. However, I feel confident that I’ll do a much better job at packing on the layers this fall and winter seasons since I already have one year of experience of dressing for PNW weather under my belt, but I’ll let you be the judge of that!

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