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    Gingham and Bows (Blogiversary and Birthday)

    Photos by Ale Veyna

    Outfit Details:
    Leather Saddle Bag (Similar here and here)
    Zara Gingham Blouse (Sold out, similar here)
    Asos High Waist Trousers (Old, similar here and here)
    Every year for Christmas, my sisters and I put together a wish list to make the shopping process easier for ourselves. I kept my list pretty vague this year so I didn’t know what kind of gifts to expect, but I think my sister Sarah completely nailed my style with this gingham top from Zara. I love the oversize fit, puffy sleeves, and the bows at the wrist. It’s also one of those pieces that makes you look like you tried without having to put in too much effort. I wore it here with high waist trousers, but I think it will also be a fun piece to wear with a flared skater skirt or shorts for a more casual look.

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    Periwinkle Sweater

    Photos by Sarah Veyna
    Outfit Details:
    Ruche Necklace (Similar)
    H&M Sweater (Similar)
    Asos High-waisted Trousers (Similar)
    Madewell Loafers (Similar here and here)
    We’ve been enjoying cooler temperatures these past few weeks, so I’ve had the opportunity to break out some of my clothes that I usually don’t get to wear, such as this periwinkle sweater. I love the lavender blue shade, and I also like that it’s a top that I can wear with pretty much anything. As versatile as this sweater is, I probably won’t get to wear it again until next winter since the weather is supposed to be over 100 degrees by next week. It’s getting to be that time of year where I basically live in shorts, tanks, and loose dresses.
    I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I went to Disneyland with my sister and friend Dana, and that was pretty fun. I actually shot these photos about two weeks ago, which came in handy since I didn’t have the time or energy to take photos this weekend. I’ve realized that I like having the time to sit on my photos for a while instead of rushing to put together a post at the last minute. I’m going to try to be a bit more organized when it comes to this blog and plan ahead, so that I can work at  more leisurely pace and feature more diverse posts. I’ve been mostly focusing on outfits lately, since that’s easier to do when I’m in a crunch for time, but I want to get back to featuring more DIY tutorials and recipes on the blog. I already have some ideas for projects, but please let me know if you have any suggestions for future posts.
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    Photos by Sarah Veyna
    Outfit Details:
    Sunglasses(Thrifted at The Grove Vintage)
    Forever 21 Clutch in Black (Old)
    Zara Floral and Polka Dot Sweatshirt
    ASOS High-Waisted Trousers
    Madewell Stacked-Heel Loafers in High Shine

    This sweatshirt from Zara is one of my favorite purchases of all time because it combines two of my favorite prints: polka dots and florals. I hardly ever shop at Zara because, after all, I work at a nonprofit and paying $70 for a single item is a bit out of my price range. I got lucky, though, when I randomly walked into the Zara near my house, and found this sweatshirt for only $15. That’s a steal for such a nice item! This sweatshirt is just so comfortable and perfect for lounging, and yet it’s fancy enough to wear to work.

    In my last few posts I’ve been going on-and-on about change, and how moody I am. I sound like a broken record to those around me, and am even starting to get on my own nerves. That is why I’ve decided to set an intention to try to be more positive and optimistic. I need to make an effort to stop focusing on the minor things that bother me, and both embrace and seek those that make me happy. I constantly need to remind myself that I am in charge of my own happiness and health.

    I really wish that I could be less vague about what is going through my brain right now. However, I would rather share those things with you at a later time, when everything is resolved. As ominous as that last statement sounds, I promise that I’ll have exciting news to share with you when the time comes. In the meantime, I will focus on making time for projects and adventures that I can share with you on this blog. I’m going to San Diego this upcoming weekend to visit my best friend Laura, so there’s a start!

    As always, thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope that you had a lovely Easter weekend, and that you have an amazing rest of the week.

    Much Love,

    Helen Grace