Camel Coat and Plaid

Oversize Camel Coat and Cole Haan Bonnell Booties

Camel Coat and Plaid Shirt
Camel Sweater Coat

  As you probably already know, layering is a challenge for me. It’s hard to master the art of layering when you haven’t had many opportunities to practice it. However, one thing I have learned is that having solid go-to pieces makes all the difference. Gone are the days when I solely gravitated towards pieces that I thought were cute. Nowadays, I consider functionality to be equally as important.  That’s where this cozy camel coat you’ve seen me wear all season long comes in. It’s knit, warm, and completely eliminates the need for excessive layering on chilly days. And it also makes me look stylish .

 Of course, a good coat can only go so far. You also need to have some solid base layers if you want to feel comfortable in freezing temperatures. For instance, I’m wearing a flannel shirt as well as fleece-lined leggings underneath my jeans. Flannel pieces have become a favorite of mine during the cold winter months.  What I like about flannel pieces is that if temperatures are mild, sometimes you can get away with only wearing that one layer. I also like wearing flannel shirts as light jackets once temperatures start getting a bit warmer.

 Now, let’s talk about those layering pieces you can’t see in these photos. If you’ve never heard about fleece-lined leggings before, let me tell you that they’ve been a lifesaver for me this winter. As you can probably tell from these photos, they are not bulky at all, so you can still rock skinny jeans on those very cold days. If you don’t have any leggings laying around the house, a pair of thick tights also does the trick.

 Now that you’ve heard all about mine, what are some of your winter essentials?

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