Portland Winter Wonderland

     I still remember the first time I saw snow a few years ago on my first day of studying abroad in Madrid. My flight had been delayed and I arrived 3 days late to my program, so I was worried about not being as familiar with the city as some of my peers. A friend that lived in the same neighborhood agreed to meet up that evening to show me around so that I could feel a little bit less lost and overwhelmed. As we were walking around exploring our home for the next few months, it suddenly started to snow. That was all it took to replace my feeling of anxiousness with excitement, and I remember simply being in awe of this very rare sight.
    As many of you can imagine, my friend was a bit perplexed about how excited I was about seeing snow, and that it took me almost 21 years to ever see any at all. Well, I think that’s the case for many natives of Southern California, where we’re lucky if we even get enough rainy days in a year. That is why I was filled with the same excitement this past week when Portland got the most snow it’s seen since 2008. We’ve had a few snow days this year, but nothing compared to this winter wonderland. I hope that the pictures below convince you that it was as amazing as I claim it was.
    My first attempt to get out of the house during this snow storm was to purchase groceries, only to find out that the Trader Joe’s nearby was closed due to the inclement weather. I nearly slipped and fell a few times on my way there, probably because the snow on the sidewalks was quick to turn into ice and I could do with more appropriate shoes for this weather. However, it was definitely worth the trip because I got to see some beautiful sights. As you can see from the photo above, even the Trader Joe’s parking lot looked magical.
    This type of weather is rare to Portland from what I hear, and the city shut down whenever it gets just a little bit of snow. Things have been moving pretty slowly for the past few days, which can be perceived as a nuisance for some people. However, I personally like having an excuse to take time to slow down and take it easy. Maybe I should pretend to have snow days more often.

    Borrowed from the Boys

    Photos by Ale Veyna
    Outfit Details:
    H&M Parka (Similar here and here)
    Old Navy Striped Shirt (Similar here and here)
    Madewell High Rise Jeans (Available in other shades)
    Madewell Ames Boots (Similar)
    Madewell Mini Transport Tote (Available in Black)

    Grand Central Market Downtown Los Angeles

    Stripes and Parka
    Striped Shirt
    Although my style tends to lean towards being feminine, I love incorporating masculine details here and there. A loose striped button up shirt is one of those items that I like to often borrow from the boys. I love a nice striped shirt because it is simple, versatile and classic. Plus, it perfectly complements some of my favorite items such as high-waist pants and flared skirts. It’s an easy way to look put together for the office, or when you’re simply running around town on coffee adventures like me. Since it was a bit chilly when I wore this outfit in LA, I topped it all off with my trusty parka jacket. I’ve had this jacket for years and I wear it all the time because it feels like you’re covered in a huge blanket, which is exactly what I need on cold days.
    Speaking of cold weather, I was not ready for the chill that awaited me back home in Portland. I’ve been back for a week, and I’m still trying to adjust to the cold weather. The one good thing about this weather is that we got snow this weekend, which you may already know if you follow me on Instagram. Snow days are always exciting for me, even if it means that the city completely shuts down and I can’t leave my house. Any tips for fun snow day activities from those of you who are more experienced with this weather?
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    Floral Favorite//Happy New Year

     Ditsy Floral Dress, One Colorado, Old Pasadena
    Photos by my Mom
    Outfit Details:
    Leather Saddle Bag
    Ditsy Floral Dress
    Retro Floral Dress and Lotta from Stockholm Clogs
    Floral Dress and Clogs
    Lotta from Stockholm Peeptoe Clogs in Tan
    Happy New Year, my friends! For my first outfit post of the year, I’m wearing my favorite floral dress. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve probably seen me wear it once or twice before. While I had intended to accessorize more with this outfit, I realized that this dress is one of those pieces that works better if you keep things simple. I just added a pair of clogs and a leather saddle bag to finish off the look. I have never been one to accessorize too much anyway, and I don’t see that changing in the new year.
    Speaking of which, I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating the beginning of 2017. My New Year’s Eve was pretty chill since I’ve been trying to recover from a pretty bad cold. My first goal of 2016 is to feel healthy again so that I can get back into the swing of things. My other resolutions are to spend more time away from the screen, show more appreciation for loved ones, learn to live more in the moment and read more books. That doesn’t sound too difficult, huh?
    What are some of your goals for the new year?